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Pirate Strike

Two pirate 'Rucker' class spacecraft leaving an uncharted ice world in the Clement Sector, on a mission to attack a convoy a couple of jumps away.

The two spacecraft are modelled in white/grey colours for the main body and red lines as I wanted to use something a bit different, perhaps to reflect camouflage as the pirate base is located on the ice world below. I've applied a little 'ageing' on the decals to make the craft a little battered-looking and as though they have been in a few scrapes along the way.

The image was created on a Lenovo E550 laptop (Core i5 CPU, 16Gb HyperX RAM) and took less than two minutes to render. POVRay was used to create the background with the world overlaid in Photoshop and LunarCell, imported as a background into Bryce and the ships placed in front of the scene.

About this image:-December 2015, Bryce 7, POVRay 3.7, AC3D 7.011

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