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Clement Sector

For the Clement Sector book from Gypsy Knights Games, John Watts wanted a space station that could look like it could accomodate 16 million people. There should also be some sort of view of the inside, eg. shallow seas and land that the inhabitants would be living on. For inspiration, I used the Federation space station from the TV series 'Blakes 7' and scaled up the design to at least look like it could accomodate that number of people.

The most difficult part of the image was trying to add some sort of view to the inside; I removed some of the panels at random intervals and added a torus in Bryce, which was then positioned inside the station. The reason being is that trying to map a flat texture map onto a torus never seemed to look right, so I kept the number of panels to the minimum which was enough to 'hint' at what was inside. In 'reality' the missing panels would have some sort of transparent panel to provide protection against the vacuum of space.

The small craft which are just about visible are basic shapes with a minimal amount of detail, to help provide some look of activity around the station.

I updated the image with some minor corrections as displayed here, compared to the original cover. The Rucker-class merchant is a bit closer to the station, as it is partially obscured by the right hand side of the book in PDF and hardback format. Though the original cover was tioll used, this updated image was featured in the second edition of the Clement Sector source book.

About this image:-(Original) March 2013 (Revised) January 2016, Bryce 7.1, POVRay 3.62, AC3D 7.011

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