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The Lost Girl

Using the Dust Runner model, John Watts' specification for the second in the Cascadia Adventures 'The Lost Girl' was that he wanted the ship landing in a piece of open ground, surrounded by a forest. In my minds eye, I wanted the scene to depict the ship landing as though the scene was being viewed by a person stood behind a tree, just at the edge of the forest.

The hardest part of the image was getting the texture of the ground right, going through several methods to get the right 'feel'. The bushes are actually 3DS models of pot plants, imported into Bryce! They've been landed to the ground so that the pots are just out of sight! Hope nobody tries to dig them up... I added some landing gear to this model, some thin skids below the front disc and two chunky landing gear pads extending out from the side at the rear, one of which is just visible.

Above is an alternate view of the Dust Runner, snapshot taken from AC3D.

About this image:-September 2012, Bryce 7.1, AC3D 7.011

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