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Dust Runner

This image depicts another Rucker-class trader leaving the orbit of a rocky moon, outbound for destination unknown. The scene is used in the inside of the book 'Save Our Ship' Cascadia subsector adventure, available from Drivethru RPG and also the new 'Clement Sector' book as of the five spacecraft detailed in the book. I also used the AC3D model to provide a template to design the ship deck plans. A slightly different scene in that the model was exported in the same way with different decals in AC3D, but was imported and rendered entirely in Bryce.

This image is a personal favourite, in that it is quite 'simple', lacking the complexity of the first image and hints at a nearby star just beyond the camera view giving the grey, misty background.

The image was also submitted and featured as the image for the month of July in the Traveller 2013 Calendar, organised by Ian Stead. The calendar was created in memory of Andrew Boulton, who sadly passed away in August 2012. Andrew created a great deal of Traveller artwork and was an administrator on the 'Citizens of the Imperium' Traveller RPG forum. He will be missed by many and the calendar was created with submissions from many artists, in his memory.

The image has been updated in December 2016, where more detail has been added to the spacecraft decals and the lens flare and star added.

About this image:-December 2016, Bryce 7.1, POV-Ray 3.7, AC3D 6.8

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