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Save Our Ship

The scene above depicts a Rucker-class trader in full flight through a nebula. The image is used on the front cover of the Gypsy Knights Games 'Save Our Ship' Cascadia subsector adventure, available from Drivethru RPG. I used POV-Ray to produce the background nebula and the lens flare, which was imported into Bryce and the ship was imported in Wavefront OBJ format, once the model was complete in AC3D. Johns remit was that he wanted a ship that could display a 'Royal Flush' hand of cards. I must admit, I had to look that up on the internet, not being a card player! The cards are all hand drawn, using the yellow base texture as a template which is consistent with the red version, barring a few minor alterations.

About this image:-July 2012, Bryce 7.1, POV-Ray 3.62, AC3D 6.7

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