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The Edge of Forever

Bit of a ground-breaking image for me this one, created for the band Dreamfield this represents their cover for their first CD launched on the internet. Unfortunately the link I previously had open at no longer exists.Based upon the 'magic box' in the Waite Group Press book 'Raytracing Creations', an image is mapped to a box and the box is scaled and moved to fill the screen. Lens flares or other objects are then positioned in front of the magic box (for example, the lens flare in the centre of the scene, so it appears to be appearing from an opening in the fractal). To some this may sound like cheating, but I personally use raytracing as a means to an end (ie. the building of a picture) and not to create a technically accurate scene or an exercise in raytracing. The use of this technique is now used in most of my images because it solves a number of problems and I can create scenes much faster and more easily.

About this image:- December 1999, UltraFractal 2.04, POV-Ray 3.1g.

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