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The Other Side of Forever - Steve 10th Anniversary Raytracing Image

To 'celebrate' the 10th anniversary of my foray in raytracing this month, I wanted to produce an image that encompassed all of the main elements that I use in my artwork at the moment (POV-Ray, fractals, Photoshop, lens flares and space backgrounds) along with the mandelbrot set - my first step into the field of computer generated art on the Atari ST. Here we have one of my personal favourite models, an AAF722 Hornet blasting its way through a 'rip' in space, which just happens to be a mandelbrot set. Third in my '... Forever' images, this scene depicts what it may be like on the other side of forever...

About this image:- May 2003, UltraFractal 2.04, POV-Ray 3.5, Photoshop 5.5.

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