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Space Wars: Worlds and Weapons

Written by Steven Eisler with a foreword by Chris Foss, this book is divided into seven headings: Foreword, Space Vehicles, Interplanetary Wars and Weapons, Fantastic Creatures, Fantasy, Worlds Apart, Glossary. There are a large number of images in the 96-page long book, covering the subjects mentioned in the headings. These have a small amount of accompanying text describing the scene, which is based on the authors own future background. The main body of the text is quite different, it discusses different sci-fi and fantasy books detailling a short description of the story. The stories and books discussed (with the authors own interpretation) are by leading SF authors such as Arthur C. Clarke, E. E. 'Doc' Smith and Robert Silverberg, amongst numerous others. The style of Eislers writing is from a more 'grown up' perspective (choosing the word 'adult' may give the wrong impression!) and the text flows from one desription to another without getting bogged down or hard going. There are a number of line drawings which are of a high quality and help to develop the authors own fictional background to the images.

Expect to pick up a hardback copy in good condition with the dust jacket for about 5-15 GBP from an online retailer. (Thanks to Craig Lallak for pointing out there is a list of contributing artists).

Book Details

Artist Book
Publisher - Octupus Books Ltd
Publish Date - 1979
ISBN Number - 0517273446
Contributing Artists and Number of Images - David Bergen (1), Peter Elson (1), Vincent Di Fate (2), Emsh (1), Melvyn (5), Joe Petagno (2), Chris Foss (1), Frank Kelly (2), David Hardy (3), Peter Jones (2), Tim White (4), Rodney Matthews (1), Robert T. McCall (3), Chris Moore (9), Tony Roberts (2), Thomas Schluck (2), John Schoenheer (5), Boris Vallejo (3), Jim Burns (2), Richard Clifton-Dey (1), Peter Goodfellow (1), Colin Hay (2), Bob Layzell (1), Angus McKie (5), Terry Oakes (3), Tony Roberts (3) Gerry Webb (1), Patrick Woodroffe (4), Roger Full (3), Lee Noel (4). There are a number of copyright notices listed that are too complicated to identify the number of artist images - apologies!

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