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The Space Warriors

Though not an official TTA book, 'The Space Warriors' is set in the 24th century against the TTA background and features the adventures of two TTA patrol men and their quest to rid the federation of its greatest enemy, Panthor Gorth. The book is split into three parts and is mainly a story book aimed at a younger audience than the TTA books with artwork added to follow the story, rather than the other way round as with the TTA books. The artwork is from none of the previously-used artists that contributed to the TTA books, this is a book for completionists only IMHO and can be sourced quite cheaply on the internet (average price 3.50+ GBP).

As far as I am aware, this book is only available in hardback.

Book Details

Story Book (TTA-based)
Writer and Publisher - Stewart Cowley, Dean
Publish Date - September 1980
ISBN Number - 0603001971
Contributing Artists and Number of Images - David Hardy (1), Eddie Jones (57), George Jones (1),
Nico Keulers (6), Eric Ladd (1), Paul Lehr (3), Carl Lundgren (2), Blair Wilkins (11).

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