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GDT C55 Basilisk

Built for the invasion of the Proxima Centauri system in the latter part of the Proxima Wars, the Gloss & Dornier C55 Basilisk is one of the more common sights of large military spacecraft seen in the 22nd century. Originally conceived in 2058 by the TTA as a medium-class transport capable of carrying 1200 troops or nearly fifty armoured vehicles into close combat during the invasion of the Proxima system. Making the deadline just in time for the Proxima homeworlds invasion, they proved to be easy to manufacture and robust due to their uncomplicated design. The 'fifty-five' as they were affectionately known, served long into the 22nd century with various electronics and systems upgrades. Carrying twenty AAT183 Scorpion drop ships these craft could carry the Terran main battle tanks or a full compliment of troops in full combat gear directly into the theatre of operations. These ships helped form the most distinctive sight seen during the Proxima Wars, when hundreds of these ships filled the skies above Proxima 1 during the early stages of the invasion of the Proxima homeworlds.

Just under half the size of the TTA Colonial series of freighters, the C55 has been employed in a number of roles and theatres besides the military including research, mining expeditions, communications and civil transport. The C55 is expected to be replaced early in the 23rd century by a new design but it will be many years before it is no longer seen in the spaceways.

The image above depicts a converted C55 used for fuel skimming in a gas nebula, operating near the Fomalhaut system.


Manufacturer - Various, designed by Gloss & Dornier
Classification - Medium-class troop transport
Main Drive - DeVass Warp Generator Class XXV
McInley Ion drive for long-range cruising
Personnel - 65 flight crew, 48 Mechtechs, 20 AAT183 Scorpion space to surface drop-ships.
1200 combat troops or 46 main battle tanks/armoured vehicles and crew.
Armament - Eight OPA17 particle accelerators in four turrets.
Defence - High density Plastisteel 60cm thick
WCRC Type 48B Defence Shield
In-service date - 2060

About this image:- December 2002, POV-Ray 3.5/Bryce 4.1

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