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AAF440 Gecko

During the latter part of the 22nd century, the TTA began looking at a multi-role interceptor that could be more capable in a variety of roles than the Avery Hornet. Specified to be more heavily armed than the Hornet at the expense of range, the AAF440 Gecko first flew in 2198 and immediately entered production in 2200. Though carrying the same basic armament as the Hornet (four Laserlances) the Gecko features two extra hardpoints mounted to the side of the pilots cockpit. These are interchangable with a number of weapons such as particle accelerators, laserlances, laserguns, nuclear pellet launchers or missile launchers. As extra power has to be reserved for the weapon systems, this brought a reduction in range in comparison to the Hornet, though the Gecko has a slightly better turning circle in combat. The Gecko also employs the Hornets hull design of articulated platelets which add to the impact-absorbtion capability of the ship without having to carry the extra weight of thicker armour. Now in service with most of the Federation's battle groups, the Gecko is a superior, modern addition to the TDA's arsenal.

The scene above depicts the one of the first Gecko's to enter service just leaving the atmosphere of Terra in June 2200, destined for one of the thirteenth fleet's interceptor-carriers. The side hardpoints just behind the cockpit can just about be indentified here, in this case sporting two particle accelerators.


Manufacturer - Avery Astronautics
Classification - Medium-range Interceptor
Main Drive - DeVass Warp Generator Class XV
Avery Sunfire nuclear/hydrogen drive 22 million ibs thrust
Personnel - 2 human crew
Armament - Four laserlances, two OPA17 particle accelerators or laserlances/nuclear pellet launchers, various nuclear missile launchers.
Defence - High density Plastisteel 15cm thick in articulated platelets
WCRC Type 63E Defence Shield
In-service date - 2200

About this image:- March 2002, updated July 2003, POV-Ray 3.1g, Photoshop 5.5

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