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Unidentified Alien - Object #1

In 2129, when a federal planetary expedition team surveyed the second planet in the Ross 128 system, roughly 11 light years from Earth, they did not expect to find a motionless object in low orbit around the only planet that supported a thin atmosphere. The object was massive, roughly one mile in diameter and appeared to be composed of some sort of stone or granite material. No sound or life appeared to be coming from the object, so the survey team dispatched a shuttle to investigate the object. As the shuttle approached, a low humming noise could be heard but was within acceptable audio limits. After a few hours of circling the object, no obvious entrance could be found so the decision was taken to use lasercutters to try to obtain entrance. However, the beam from the lasercutter reflected from the object and sliced through the shuttle, damaging the ship and killing one of the survey team. The shuttle limped back to the main survey ship and the investigation was abandoned. Two more investigations have been attemped but this time using robot probes the the same result has occured every time. Warning beacons have been placed around the object until a more successful method of investigation can be made at a later date.

About this image:- December 1999, Bryce 4, Spiraliser.

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