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K5 Bee

When the TTA drew up a specification for a single-seat short range interceptor/fighter, more than one eyebrow was raised when a submission was presented by a Proximan astro-engineering concern. Having a background and history in producing small lightweight fighters including the K9 Pirahna during the Proxima Wars (2048 - 2068AD) this concern had used their expertise to design the basis for what became known as the K5 Bee. Where the basic design was drawn up on Proxima Centauri, the armaments, armour and powerplant and final assembly were brought together at the TTA's North African manufacturing yards in early 2161. Proving to be cheap and easy to produce, the ship is basically a nuclear/hydrogen drive at the back stuck to a platform that houses the armament and fuel tanks, above which the pilot sits. Due to it's size, only a very small defence shield generator could be installed but this was removed in the Proximan variant, favouring a larger fuel tank. Highly manuverable, the Bee's strength lies in it's speed and when it attacks in numbers (aka 'swarms') of around 30 plus ships which are designed to overwhelm and confuse a larger ships defences, allowing a larger strike fleet to move in and destroy the target. Used by Proximan defence forces as well as the TDA, the K5 Bee can usually be seen on the larger military exercises operating from it's carriers or on patrol in squads of four. The scene here depicts a K5 Bee flying past one of the TTA administration buildings in Berlin.


Manufacturer - Various
Classification - Short Range Interceptor
Main Drive - TTA Grasshopper IIb nuclear/hydrogen drive 1 million ibs thrust
Personnel - 1 human crew
Armament - Two OPA8 Particle Accelerators, two laserguns
Defence - High density Plastisteel 10cm thick in articulated platelets
WCRC Type 61E Defence Shield
In-service date - 2162

About this image:- March 2002, POV-Ray 3.02/3.1g.

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