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CAM323 Vulcan

A distinctive sight in military exercises, the Vulcan was designed and built as a heavy weapons platform capable of carrying the huge 'Thors Hammer' nuclear missiles faster and where it was not possible to employ a missile cruiser for the same task. Though fast and capable of moving through the atmosphere at reasonable speed, the Vulcan was not the most manuverable of spacecraft and had to perform such strike roles under heavy escort. Later models such as the CAM324 variant carried an underside 'pod' which housed four rotating 'chain guns', each containing eight laserguns. Laserguns had to be used despite their shorter range because laserlances are far too large for a similar mounting. These rotating guns would blast a path through oncoming ships as the enemy ships would not be able to regenerate their defence shields fast enough. Towards the end of the 22nd century most Vulcans were mothballed to make way for more capable multi-role ships, though one unit is still operational based on Proxima 3. The image above shows the CAM323 version.


Manufacturer - Consolidated Aerospace
Classification - Long Range Strike Ship
Main Drive - Consolidated Warp Generator Mk V
CAE16 Nuclear/Hydrogen drive 30 million lbs thrust
Personnel - 6 human crew
Armament - (CAM323) 2 Thor's Hammer thermonuclear missiles, 2 OPA17 particle accelerators, 2 laserguns
(CAM324) 4 'meat grinder' rotating laser-chain guns, 2 OPA17 particle accelerators
Defence - High density Plastisteel 20cm thick
WCRC Type 63B Defence Shield
In-service date - 2140

About this image:- October 1999, POV-Ray 3.1a.

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