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Montgomery-class Battleship

The Terran Defence Authority's new Montgomery-class Battleships, named after the famous British General from World War II, mark a new chapter in capital-ship design. These ships are replacing the Umberto-class battleships that have served well after the middle of the 22nd century. Featuring two fixed forward-firing OPA31A particle accelerators, one front-mouted OPA33A and a new Vesta Thermocannon on an underside swivel turret utilising a 30 degree angle of fire. This provides frontal attack capabilites with the ability to strike a target from a different approach angle. There are also 14 turrets with the smaller OPA31 particle accelerators at various locations around the ship.

A new feature of these ships is that they carry their own complement of interceptors and strike ships. Four flight decks, two each side, carry a squadron of twelve fighting ships each plus its own complement of maintenance and service craft. This provides operational security if one is damaged, three are still available.

This class of ship features the latest in automatic target aquision and firing, navigation and control with multiple defence shields for maximum protection. The ship in the illustration, the battleship Repulse of the fourth fleet, is one of 11 such ships currently entering service and a further eighteen are on order. This particular craft is also the one that Marshal Keyes led the fourth fleet into the disastrous initial invasion of Laguna 9 in late 2219 (Great Space Battles, Hamlyn publishing). Ahead of the battleship is a flight of Avery Hornets which provide interception and strike ship cover.

It is pictured against the closest planet orbiting the sun in the Gliese 876 system, 15 light-years from Sol. Discovered in 2005, this planet was at the time the closest to an Earth-like planet yet found and the Repulse was despatched to survey the planet.


Manufacturer - produced by every major manufacturer to goverment specifications
Classification - Battleship
Main Drive - DeVass Warp Generator class XVIII
Secondary Drive - McKinley ion drive, 4 units 6 million ibs thrust each, 2 chemical thrust engines, 1 million lbs thrust each
Service Craft - 30 AAF722 Hornet interceptors, 10 TDA357 Thunderbolt strike ships, 8 TDA154 Marauder scouts, 8 Galileo Shuttlecraft, 8 Avery Midget maintenance lighters
Personnel - 820 crew, 110 Mechteck units
Armament - 1 OPA33A Particle Accelerator, 1 Vesta Thermocannon, 16 OPA31A Particle Accelerators, 24 Laserlances, 24 laserguns, various nuclear missiles
Defence - WCRC Type 94D defence shield, 150cm plastisteel amour
In-service date - 2199

About this image:- August 2005, POV-Ray 3.5, Bryce 4.1, Paint Shop Pro 4.1.

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