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ACM143 Salamander

Originally designed during the middle of the Proxima Wars the Alphan Salamander was conceived as a replacement for the ACM115 Minnow. The Minnows shortcomings had been recognised (lack of hard hitting weaponry, armour strength) and a programme was initiated for a new multi-role scoutship in early 2066. Though entering service too late to see action in the Proxima Wars, the Salamander did see two brief actions shortly after the end of hostilities. Pockets of Proximan resistance were still in existence for a time after the war and this allowed the Alphan authorities to trial new craft and equipment in real combat situations without the planning for a full military campaign. The first action was a raid against one of the last Proximan battle-groups that had not accepted the surrender. Though more-lightly armed than the enemy's K13 Sharks, they proved to be at least equal in manoeuvrability and succeeded in drawing a number of the enemy to the upper atmosphere of Alpha II, where a larger interceptor group was waiting to pounce on the Proximanís.

The second incident occurred on one of the moons around Proxima IV, Kalusk. The world being extremely rocky and mountainous provided an ideal site for Proximan guerrillas to hide and launch attacks. Several Salamanders were dispatched to scout the planet and the base was eventually located. Running battles and skirmishes began with the Proximans attempting to hunt down the Alphan ships dodging the rifts and valleys. The Salamanders manoeuvrability advantage came to the fore, the Proximan ships being converted freighters and outdated interceptors which smashed into the sides of the valleys and tears in the moons surface. Only one Salamander was lost to seven Proximan ships. A large assault force was directed to the Proximanís location and the base was soon destroyed.

Though the basic configuration is lightly armed with 2 laserguns and a nuclear pellet launcher, extra weapons can be added in under slung loads such as rocket launchers, laserlances or sensor packs for scouting. The scene above depicts a Salamander crew of the 7th Alphan 'Dilrallian' Strike Group trying to wrest control of their ship after scouting too close to the star in the Wolf 359 system, whilst on a survey mission.


Nationality - Alpha Centauri
Classification - Medium-range scout/raider
Main Drive - Nuclear/hydrogen drive 8 million lbs thrust
Personnel - 2 crew
Armament - 2 laserguns, 1 nuclear pellet launcher. Optional rocket
launchers or laserlances in add-on packs
Defence - Defence shield generator, 12cm plastisteel armour
In-service date - 2070

About this image:- May 2005, POV-Ray 3.5, Photoshop 5.5.

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