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ACM144 Stingray

Though the ACM113 Fatboy and ACM128 Stingray's of the Alphan Military had served successfully for many years, some members of the Alphan government felt their military capability was being left behind in the light of recent advances. As the Alphans had a lack of natural resources which were exacerbated by the Proxima Wars, a compromise had to be reached on what roles a replacement had to fulfill. Eventually it was decided that a new Stingray should replace both the Fatboy and old Stingray squadrons providing defence ship and dual-environment interceptor roles.

The first second-generation Stingray flew in May 2170 and started to replace the old untis some 6 months afterwards. The replacement programme however went slowly due to a lack of raw materials. In order to save some design time, the cockpit 'pod' was licensed from Avery Astronautics as used in their Hornet and adapted to take into account the various anotomical differences between Terrans and Alphans. The pod forms an escape capsule in the event of the ships destruction which can sustain its crew for up to 150 hours.

The scene above depicts a Terran Hornet (the ship to the upper left) in a mock dogfight training exercise with a Stingray (the ship to the lower left) in the skies above Alpha One. Though bigger and heavier than the Hornet and not quite as manoeuvreable in space, in atmospheric mode the Stingray really shows off its ability and can out-turn and out-manoeuvre virtually any comparible craft in known space. A small number have been purchased by the Terran Defence Authority in exchange for some raw materials needed by the Alphan mining industry.


Nationality - Alpha Centauri
Classification - Long Range Dual-Environment Interceptor
Main Drive - Alpha potential mass drive, Nuclear/Hydrogen drive 21 million lbs thrust
Personnel - 2 crew
Armament - 4 laserlances, various nuclear weapons
Defence - Defence shield generator, 35cm plastisteel armour
In-service date - 2171

About this image:- January 2005, POV-Ray 3.5, Bryce 4.1, Photoshop 5.5.

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