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TTA SC141 Swordfish

Seen here towing three fuel tanks leaving the planet Nesperennub in the Epsilon Eridani system, the TTA SC141 Swordfish can be seen in most occupied systems from the three major civilisations. Once the Proxima Wars were over and commercial shipping was relativley safe from attack, a network of refuelling and supply stations could be re-established without having to locate military bases nearby. These were needed in order to supply the increasing levels of traffic inside a particular solar system. Though several ships have been adapted over the years, few were purpose built for the task. The Terran Trade Authority in collaboration with Avery Astronautics provided a solution in early 2103, namely the SC141 Swordfish. Essentially a huge multi-role tug designed for long-range non-warp cruising, the craft comprises of three main parts. First is the eliptical command module which contains all the flight decks, living quarters, life support, towing management gear and launch/landing bay for the Mule tugs and service craft.

The second part is the huge engine/fuel scoop; so that the ship wouldn't have to keep returning to base every time it emptied its tanks, the massive Avery Super Nova engine also functions in a dual role; first the fuel scoop supplies the main engine, therefore increasing the operating range almost indefinitely. Secondly, the scoop also supplies the fuel tanks which are attached to the back of the craft. Therefore free fuel can be collected from the atmosphere of in-system gas giants and delivered to permanent bases, or in an emergency delivered directly to stranded ships.

The third and final part are the fuel tanks which can be connected to the Swordfish in units of one, two or three and then further sections can be connected to the back of that group. A maximum of 12 tanks can be linked in this way, though the common configuration is just three.

The Swordfish can also be used as a long-range tug, where it has been employed to move sections for orbiting space stations which have been pre-built at a shipyard. This ship has been bought by all three goverments and can be seen in just about every part of the Federation, in or outside the usual shipping lanes.


Civil & Commercial/Terran
Manufacturer - Avery Astronautics
Classification - Long Range Tug/Fueller
Main Drive - Avery Super Nova Nuclear/liquid-fuel 7,500,000lbs thrust
Secondary Drive - McKinley Ion Drive 250,000lbs thrust
Personnel - 85 crew, 45 MeckTeck units
Service Craft - 4 Avery MRT114 Mule tugs, 4 Avery Midget Maintenance Lighters, 2 Consolidated Scout Flyers
Defence - WCRC Mk12 defence shield, 21cm plastisteel armour
In-service date - 2103

About this image:- November 2004, POV-Ray 3.5, Bryce 4.1, Photoshop 5.5.

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