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TDA154 Marauder

The TDA154 Marauder was introduced about 18 months after the end of the end of the Proxima Wars as a short-range atmo-scout that would be brought by carriers to the surface target. Having a limited space capability it's main deployment is in planet-side drops for scouting and limited raiding work. Once it's task was complete, it would use it's liquid-fuel engine to achieve orbit and return to it's carrier.

The Marauder distinguished itself in August 2075 when one of the last main pockets of Proximan resistance captured and held the Terran battlecruiser Sun Tzu while it was under tow to a mobile refit yard near Proxima III. Teams of Marauders scouted and discovered the battlecruiser at the guerrillas stronghold behind a low-orbit asteroid. A flight of three Marauders succeeded in tying-up the Proximan defences until reinforcements arrived and secured the battlecruiser. The Proximan base was destroyed and guerrillas captured.

Now in the process of being replaced, the Marauder will continue to serve with second-line units in limited numbers for a few more years, before being retired. Some commercial interests are looking at decommissioned Marauders as a potential scout craft for some mining companies. The illustration above depicts an ageing Marauder skimming through Proxima II's atmosphere returning to base from a reconnaissance mission.


Manufacturer - Various
Classification - Short-range atmospheric scout
Main Drive - Avery liquid-fuel turbine 100,000lbs thrust, Avery jet turbine for atmospheric use
Personnel - 2 Human Crew
Armament - 3 laserguns
Defence - 4cm plastisteel armour
In-service date - 2070

About this image:- June 2004, POV-Ray 3.5, Bryce 4.1, Paint Shop Pro 4.1.

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