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TTA SC363B Gallius

Seen here flying through the upper atmosphere of Terra, the TTA SC363B Gallius-class is the Terran Federations most modern troop carrier and assault craft. Nicknamed the 'Hammerhead' due to the command centre's shape relating to a species of shark, it is capable of deploying more than 4500 combat troops, 65 tanks and missile launchers and 20 ground-attack craft in a single drop, the SC363B met the TDA's need to rapidly move troops and armour to theatres of war. Roughly three times the size of the GDT C55 Basilisk, the SC363B was first built at the Mars shipyards in 2192 and entered service roughly eight months after that. Serving with all the Terran fleets there is a variant planned for deep-space exploration and survey for use with the TTA and it is hoped that the Alpha Centauri goverment will purchase some of these ships in order to increase Alpha's army mobility capability. Troops are deployed by the ubiquitous AAT183 Scorpion space to surface drop ship, of which the Gallius carries 30 such vehicles.

Manufacturer - Various, under license by the TTA
Classification - Troop Carrier/Assault Craft
Main Drive - DeVass Warp Generator Mk XXI, two TTA Hydron Ion drives, 23 Million lbs thrust each
Personnel - 198 human crew, 48 Mechtechs. 4500 troops and 65 tanks/missile launchers fully loaded
Service Craft - 20 TDA357 Thunderbolt strike craft, 30 AAT183 Scorpion space to surface drop ships
Armament - three OPA17 particle accelerators,
eight launch bays for nuclear pellet launchers and missiles
Defence - High density plastisteel armour 42cm thick
WCRC Type 16G Defence Shield
In-service date - 2192

About this image:-June 2003, POV-Ray 3.5, Bryce 4.0, Photoshop 5.5.

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