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CAM317 Vampire / Unidentified Alien - Object #2

The Vampire - class frigate is one of the backbone capital ships of the Terran fleet. Developed in the late 2170's in a response to a request by the TTA for a frigate that could fulfill a variety of roles, Consolidated Aerospace designed and built the first prototype in less than seven months. Equipped with a powerful armoury including two forward-firing nuclear missile launchers housed just under the bridge, the other missile launchers are located in the two side-mounted 'pods' (two missile launchers firing left/right each, two firing rearwards). The laser and particle accelerator weaponry are located at various points around the ship. Two Consolidated scout flyers are also carried for reconnaissance work. Used for fleet support work and deep space patrols, the Vampire is a ubiquitous ship that should see service for many years to come.

The image here shows the frigate Belegost investigating an unidentifed alien object orbiting the Gliese 710 system. This object was discovered by a mining expedition surveying the Gliese 710 system, some 63 light-years from Terra which was immediately reported to the TTA. The Belegost was dispatched from the nearby TTAS8865 support station to investigate the object, which has been found to be approximately thirteen miles in length and seven miles in diameter. As the Belegost approached a light started to form in middle of the ten 'claws'. Only when the TTA ship retreated did the light fade. The frigate remained on station until a proper quarantine enforcement could be placed around the object. It is theorised that it may be a gateway to another part of the galaxy, as a number of probes that have been sent into the centre of the object and have simply 'disappeared'. It is planned for a federal survey ship to be dispatched into the 'gateway' in the near future to see what might be on the other side...


Manufacturer - Consolidated Aerospace
Classification - Frigate
Main Drive - Consolidated Warp Generator Mk VIII, four CAE23 Nuclear Thrust Engines 19 Million lbs thrust each
Personnel - 93 human crew, 25 Mechtechs, 2 Consolidated Scout Flyers
Armament - 12 Laserlances, three OPA17 particle accelerators,
six launch bays for nuclear pellet launchers and missiles
Defence - High density plastisteel armour 30cm thick
WCRC Type 48C Defence Shield
In-service date - 2179

About this image:-June 2003, POV-Ray 3.5, Photoshop 5.5.

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