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SSF388 Toad

Designed as a heavy fighter early in the 22nd century, the 'Toad' as it became to be known developed itself into a variety of roles during it's term of service. The design brief by TDA chief's back in 2110 was for a heavy armoured fighter that was capable of attacking capital ships and surviving the assault. The first Toad flew in 2114 and entered service six years later. Typically armed Toads would have three Laserlances and three OPA17 particle accelerators on alterate mountings of the six available hardpoints. The front of the ship sported extra armour as the specification required survivability from a frontal attack but this helped to reduce the manuverability of the ship. Early Toads suffered hideous accidents when in military exercises, Toads were simply known to plough into the sides of capital ships when their attack runs were too steep and did not have enough time to climb out of their approach. Once this design fault had been rectified the Toad was adapted to a variety of roles including escort fighter, ground-attack and improved it's role of attacking capital ships working with the TDA357 Thunderbolt which provided missile support. Retired after nearly seventy years of service, there are still a number of Toads providing second-line defence and on active patrols. The image here depicts one of the later variants returning from a patrol duty around Neptune.


Manufacturer - Various
Classification - Heavy Fighter
Main Drive - Consolidated Warp Generator Mk V, three CAE23 Nuclear Thrust Engines 19 Million lbs thrust
Personnel - 3 human crew
Armament - Three Laserlances, three OPA17 particle accelerators,
three launch bays for nuclear pellet launchers and missiles
Defence - High density plastisteel armour 26cm front, 18cm rear
WCRC Type 48B Defence Shield
In-service date - 2120

About this image:- October 1998, POV-Ray 3.01.

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