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Parallel Lines

Though not a TTA book of any description, Parallel Lines deserves a mention because it features artwork from two of the contributors to the series, Peter Elson and Chris Moore. Both immensly popular artists, the book is divided roughly equally between their respective works, showcasing some of their art upto the published date of 1980. An introduction is provided by another of the greats of sci-fi artwork, Roger Dean. Little text other than an introduction is added as part of the showcase, other than the works original title - but the quality of the work speaks itself. Unfortunately Peter Elson is no longer with us, having passed away unexpectedly in 1999(? - from what I can work out). I'd like to quote the following passage from 'Ground Zero' regarding Peter Elson's passing; 'The Memory of Whiteness' - There is one sad note to this cover. This assignment came to me because of the premature death of one of the greats of science-fiction illustration, Peter Elson. He had done a superlative job on earlier Kim Stanley Robinson books. He was someone I knew briefly at the start of our careers, and I dedicate this cover to him.'

Chris Moore is still producing artwork and a link to his website can be found in the links section.

Available in both hardback and softback (thanks to Jeremy Yeatman for letting me know that it is available in softback). A rare book to track down, I sourced a copy from an Amazon zShop retailer back in 2001 but I have seen the other copies appear in other places such as Porcupine Books for about 10-20 GBP. Softback is a little cheaper, approximately 6-8 GBP.

Book Details

Artist Book
Publisher - Dragons Dream
Publish Date - 1981
ISBN Number - 90-6332-791-9
Contributing Artists and Number of Images - Peter Elson (31) and Chris Moore (30).

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