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Destruction of the Oberon

'In admist of the chaos, the Chief Scanner Officer aboard Repulse reported the sighting of a small fleet of unidentified craft approaching rapidly. As the remaining ships began to respond to manual control and emerge from the wreckage-littered mess of 30 seconds before, the strange fleet opened fire with laser weapons. Commander Keyes gave the order for fire to be returned, but when the central switch controlling the armaments of the entire force was thrown, all hell broke loose.' - The Nightmare Begins, Great Space Battles.

A SC363B Gallius-class troop transport, the Oberon is depicted here under attack from several Lagunan atmo-interceptors during the first fateful invasion of Laguna 9. All hands were lost when the Oberon came under heavy attack from Lagunan ships, after sustaining a direct hit to the engines from the battleship Repulse. The Lagunan's tactics were simple, cause panic and chaos within the fleet with the disorientation weaponry and turn the Terran fourth and seventh fleets on themselves, then attack with their own interceptors and strike craft. The assault was enough to send the Terran fleets back to Petersen 3 after losing nearly half of their number.

About this image:-July 2003, POV-Ray 3.5/3.02, Bryce 4.1, Photoshop 5.5.

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