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Invasion of Laguna 9

'Tired beyond exhaustion, kept going only by the will to win and responsibility for his men - for the whole of Terran civilisation - Gerling took stock of the situation. In the fighting so far he had lost 80 of the 300 craft under his command. A further 60 were now on their way to Laguna 7. He still had therefore 140 ships with which to continue the battle, siege, blockade - call it what you will, though invasion it was not - yet over two-thirds of these were support vessels or short-range interceptors, capable only of inflicting painful stings rather than substantial damage.' - The Breakout, Great Space Battles.

Four GDT C55 Basilisk troop transports seen here on their approach to Laguna 9 during the first invasion of Laguna 9. Twenty-four C55's formed the basis for the troop transport and heavy armour deployment of the Terran forces during the obortive first invasion of the Laguna system and many were lost due to the enemy disorientation device. Older C55's were recalled from various parts of the Terran Federation to form part of the mothball fleet formed by Bernd Gerling. A popular ship, they could carry 1200 troops or carry forty-six main battle tanks or armoured vehicles with their flight of AAT183 Scorpion drop ships. After heavy losses in the main battle fleet, C55's were forced with many other non-combat ships into the front line with their limited armament in an attempt to stop the Lagunan city-ships.

About this image:- December 2002, POV-Ray 3.5, Bryce 4.1.

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