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Lift off from Alegis

'In this graveyard, Gerling went on, there were hundreds of craft actually designed and constructed for manual control. They were not wrecks, only obsolete and decommisioned. They underwent an annual maintenance. Dare he suggest, he asked, that the Group consider the possibility of putting some of them back into service? And as to crews, surely there were reservists, perhaps a little grizzled now, who could be recalled from the nearer parts of the Empire to man them?' - The Mothball Fleet, Great Space Battles.

A flight of SSF455 Barracuda fighters blast away from their base on Alegis, the third planet orbiting the star Delta Pavonis. Barracudas were originally a long-range patrol ship design that was adapted in the 2130's for a medium-class fighter. Though small in number, the Barracuda contingent provided valuable support for the mothball fleet and only lost their effectiveness when they ran out of fuel. Alegis is the home of a large number of decommisioned ships including the modern Terran 5th and 8th Fleets.

About this image:- August 2001, POV-Ray 3.1g.

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