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Surface Strike

'The days of waiting dragged on. Reconnaissance patrols had nothing to report. He sent a squadron of ground-attack-craft, hoping to prompt some reaction, but although they tore further holes in the surface and directed a hail of missiles through the existing holes above and around the city, nothing stirred.' - The Breakout, Great Space Battles.

Above the surface of Laguna 9, a Terran AAF232 Tigershark ground-attack fighter skims the ground in it's low-level approach to bomb the entrance to the Lagunan city below. A very old design, dating from the end of the Proxima Wars, Tigersharks were later thrown into front-line operations without escorts and suffered heavy losses, before the few remaining craft were withdrawn for second-line fleet defence. Out of the 32 ships that were part of Bernd Gerlings fleet at the start of the campaign, only three returned to Terra.

August 1995 entry to the internet raytracing graphics competition (pre-IRTC), voted into 12th place.

About this image:- August 1995, POV-Ray 2.2.

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