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Jupiter Defence

'The first was to organise a series of assault forces to meet the Lagunan's at different stages of their long flight, the second to mine the perimeters of Terra's orbit. The former expedient proved largely ineffectual, for at no single point could a sufficiently large force be assembled to seriously challenge the Lagunan's. True, a number of the enemy's escort vessels were destroyed and a large number of hits were scored on the city-ships, but nothing seemed to slow or weaken their advance.' - The Defence of Terra, Great Space Battles.

A flight of three ACM144 Stingray long-range interceptors head for the orbiting manufacturing complexes off Jupiter, to provide some form of defence against the oncoming Lagunan city-ships. This particular scene is an unusual sight as only a small number of Stingrays were bought from Alpha Centauri and are usually assigned in pairs. As it was at the time, every available ship that could be mustered for the defence of Terra, was thrown into the fight against the city-ships, hence the three Stingrays seen together here.

About this image:- November 1997, POV-Ray 3.01.

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