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Event Horizon

'Now they were in the thick of battle, the blackness of space lit up as far as the eye could see by the numberless weapons of the two sides. Approaching the belly of the first city-ship, Gerlings detachment was met with a hail of fire that within seconds had drained their defence shields, and as he saw the first hits penetrating the exhausted shields of other Terran craft heordered his spearhead force to swing back into the ranks of the Terran left-flanking group.' - The Breakout, Great Space Battles.

Two AAF722 Hornet's and a TDA357 Thunderbolt blast away under maximum thrust, after a successful nuclear attack on one of the Lagunan city-ships, that ran the Laguna 9 blockade in their desperate attempt to attack Terra. Thermonuclear weaponry developed from the Chris Colefax lens-flare plug-in for POV-Ray.

About this image:- January 1998, POV-Ray 3.02.

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