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Strike Fleet

'The alternative which he opted for was to send a large force, which would encircle Laguna 7 in orbit and shut off main drives for extended periods. This would leave him weaker, but he had calculated the risks. Two hours later, after a hectic flurry of commands, briefings and conferences, the ship's navigation computers finally received their programs. At the same time, brief bursts of flame from hundreds of auxiliary drive systems hit the sky as ships manoeuvered into formation for the commencement of the voyage. Then, with a muted farewell, the Laguna 7 force moved out, and the remaining ships, all too conscious of the many gaps now left in their ranks, closed up.' - A Clue, Great Space Battles.

A detachment of AAF722 Hornets, TDA357 Thunderbolts and AAF440 Gecko's leave Laguna 9 space for Laguna 7, as part of the fleet that blockaided Laguna 7 space to prevent shipments of the mysterious liquid, that later proved to be vital for the survival of the Lagunan race.

About this image:- May 1998, POV-Ray 3.02.

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