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Laguna 9 Patrol

'Boldly, he ordered the interceptor carriers into orbit. Their interceptors were to give immediate support to the force of ground-attack craft that he simultaneously ordered to attack the Lanunan bases, and the surface-bombardment craft he assigned to tear holes in Laguna's protective upper surface. The ground-attack detachmets met the Lagunan reinforcements head on in Laguna's murky atmosphere, some losses were sustained but the main force bore on through, leaving it's escorting interceptors to fight the battle they left behind.' - The First Clash, Great Space Battles.

An AAF722 Hornet skims the atmosphere high in orbit looking for any signs of Lagunan activity, as it escorts the ground-attack craft ordered to attack the surface below. Brought to the scene of battle by interceptor-carriers, these particular fighters provided the backbone of the fleets interceptor cover and proved to be more than a match for Lagunan interceptors, despite the design dating back to 2150. Lens flare added by plug-in from Chris Colefax POV-Ray include file pages.

About this image:- November 1999, Bryce 4, POV-Ray 3.1g.

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