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Ground Zero

Again, not a TTA book but another artist book by another major contributor to the series (who work graces the cover of 'SpaceWreck'), Fred Gambino. As the book is very recent (July 1999), all the artwork is previously unseen material (from the perspective of a TTA book). There is extensive text appcompanying each section and the narriative shows Freds moves from traditional art techniques to the digital realm and the books that the final result have been applied to. The quality of the book is very high and give an insight into the world of professional sci-fi art - highly recommended. A link to Fred's website can be found in the links section. Please note, that the title 'Ground Zero' has no significance to the September 11th attacks in New York as the title sounds similar to other publications regarding that disaster, the books were published before the attacks.

Book Details

Artist Book
Publisher - Paper Tiger
Publish Date - 2001
ISBN Number - 1-85585-891-6
Contributing Artists and Number of Images - Fred Gambino, all book content.

All images © S. Attwood / Digital Waterfalls
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