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The Flights of Icarus

Written by Donald Lehmkuhl and edited by Martyn and Roger Dean, this is purely an artist book with a very large number of contributors and pages - 159. Divided into several sections, the scenes are effectively 'categorised' into appropriate sections with a two-page piece of text at the start of the section, written by Lehmkuhl. The sections are (roughly described): 1 - Dinosaurs, Reptiles and Fantastic Creatures, 2 - Legends and Heroes, 3 - Nature and Cityscapes, 4 - Nowhere..., 5 - Time, 6 - Space, 7 - The Ultimate Moment (various scenes). The images are of a very high quality with a number by the editors themselves, Martyn and Roger Dean. The book repeats some of the images as seen in the other TTA books but displays them in their original format, whereas the TTA books had 'clipped' versions. There is a small amount of text about each contributing artist and which scenes they provided for the book, with their original title. I hope to use the text from the book about each artist that contributed to the TTA books, to be added to the website at a later date.

Because of the large format and size of the book, expect to pay 7-30 GBP for the book, around 20 GBP seems average for a hardback copy in good condition.

Book Details

Artist Book
Publisher - Book Club Associates/Dragons World Ltd
Publish Date - 1984
ISBN Number - (Hardback) 0905895150, (Paperback) 0905895169
Contributing Artists and Number of Images - Robert Beer (1), David Bergen (1), John Blanche (2), Jim Burns (6),
Gordon Crabb (1), Roger Dean (5), Peter Elson (8), Jim Fitzpatrick (4),
Chris Foss (6), Dick French (2), Peter Goodfellow (7), Melvyn Grant (9),
Colin Hay (2), Terry Ilott (4), Jeffrey Jones (2), Peter Jones (8),
Michael William Kaluta (2), Josh Kirby (1), Alan Lee (2), Angus McKie (7),
Syd Mead (2), Ian Miller (4), Chris Moore (2), David O'Connor (2),
Bruce Pennington (9), John Ridgewell (2), Tony Roberts (2), Patrick Woodroffe (4),
Tim White (6), Barry Windsor-Smith (1), Una Woodruff (3), Berni Wrightson (2)

All images © S. Attwood / Digital Waterfalls
Book covers are © their respective owners
Images may not be reproduced without permission