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SCF19 Lunar Flyer

After the discovery of huge and varied mineral deposits on the Moon, the World Trade Authority (as the TTA was called then) organised the construction of permenant lunar settlements in 2005. The Consolidated Lunar Flyer provided a short range shuttlecraft facility between the expanding lunar mining and building sites, with its first flight in December 2007.

Being of an extremely simple design, consisting of a pressurised flight deck, storage and passenger areas and an airlock. A small chemical engine with vertical lift thrusters provide the motive power. The Flyer has four fixed-location landing gears which are positioned so that the vertical lift engines are close to the ground, delivering the maximum amount of thrust.

Large numbers of these ships were built and could often be seen ferrying workers and their families to and from all areas of the Moon. A few 'stretch' variants were commissioned by private concerns which doubled the passenger or cargo capacity, some of which were used to ferry drilling tools for mining or exploration teams.

The Flyer served with the Lunar support services for around thirty years until it was replaced by the larger Consolidated SCF28 Skymaster (see Spacecraft 2000-2100AD by Hamlyn Publishing), which is based on the SCF19 Lunar Flyer. No publically-available examples exist as the Flyer rapidly became obsolete once spacecraft technology advanced rapidly after contact with the Alpha Centaurians in 2036. It is believed there are a couple of examples in extistence but their whereabouts are uncertain. In the scene above, a Flyer is skimming the surface of the dark side of the moon, just at the edge of the sun's horizon.


Civil & Commercial/Terran
Manufacturer - Consolidated Aerospace
Classification - Short-range shuttlecraft
Main Drive - Consolidated CHR7L liquid methane chemical thrust engine, 85,000lbs thrust
Personnel - 2 crew, up to 8 passengers
Defence - Duralloy armour 1cm thick
In-service date - 2007

About this image:- November 2005, POV-Ray 3.5, Bryce 4.1, Photoshop 5.5.

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