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21st Century Foss

Chris Foss is probably the most highly-regarded sci-fi artist in the world. Considered by many as the 'grandfather' of space art and science-fiction visualisations, Chris has not only produced a huge amount of artwork since the mid-seventies, he has also contributed much work to many movies and worked with many film directors. This particular book focuses on his work uptil 1978 (when the book was first published) and covers some art work that was produced for the films 'Alien' and 'Dune'. Another section has some of Chris's work showing his contemporary military pieces and the remaining majority of the book shows off his prolific sc-fi art abilities. There is also very interesting text on how Chris got into art and how his space scenes came into being, along with commentary on his movie work.

Chris has recently opened a website which can be found in the links section.

This book is available in softback and hardback. It can be found in Amazon zShops resellers for around 5-25GBP for a reasonable condition copy, though I have seen it for as high a price as 60GBP!

Book Details

Artist Book
Writer and Publisher - Dragons Dream
Publish Date - 1978
ISBN Number - 0906196094 (softback) B000TBL20C (hardback)
Number of Images - 154 colour, 36 line art/monochrome
(Thanks to Jeremy Yeatman for the hardback book information)

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